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PUNCTUREfree “रहो टेंशन फ्री” kit consist of

1) Valve Core removal tool

2) Sealant compressor gun

3) Air compressor

For pre – Puncture application, it is recommended to install PUNCTUREfree “रहो टेंशन फ्री” new tyre and the wheel is recently balanced, this will enhance life of both tyre as well as Bibhash tyre sealant. Also the company advises to check the rectitude of tyre, valve, rim and other breakdowns.

For post – puncture application, it is recommendable to check the puncture wound which should not be greater than 6 mm in LMV and 8 mm in off – road vehicles and equipments.

General Installation process:-

1) Keep the tyre valve in the 3 or 9 ‘o’ clock position

2) Remove the valve by valve core removal tool and let the tyre be flat.

3) Please refer dosage table which will give an exact amount to inject based on the tyre size.

4) Inject the required quantity of PUNCTUREfree “रहो टेंशन फ्री” by using sealant gun provided in tool kit.

5) Pump a small amount of air to clean the tyre valve.

6) Reinsert the valve core and inflate tyres to recommended pressure.

7) Rotate tyre or drive tyre for some 10 km (recommendable) such that it can evenly spread inner tread area.

Easy removal: –

PUNCTUREfree “रहो टेंशन फ्री” – tyre puncture repair solution is water soluble environmentally friendly product which can be washed out from the tyre with just water allowing an inspection to be carried out and a repair to relevant industry standards can be undertaken.

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