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What is Tyre sealant

Tyre Sealant is viscous fluid with numerous synthetic fibers and rubber particles used for sealing puncture of road going vehicles.


PUNCTUREfree “रहो टेंशन फ्री”is developed after extensive research is the most advance tyre sealant, it is suitable for all types of vehicles with tubeless tyres. It’s phenomenal action decreases the maintenance cost of tyres up to 20% or more guaranteed.

PUNCTUREfree “रहो टेंशन फ्री” is a comprehensive product used for pre and post puncture treatment. It’s protective coating act as a guard against puncture, slow leakages and other natural air loss. Its fiber, filler and fleck stops air leakage, behave as a tyre coolant, environment friendly and keep your life safe.

1) Puncture lock: –PUNCTUREfree “रहो टेंशन फ्री”seals 100% of punctures in tubeless tyre and 70 % in tube type tyres. It also seals slow puncture and stops natural air loss thus maintaining correct operating tyre pressure. It reduces wear and tear of tyres and thus increasing tyres life PUNCTUREfree “रहो टेंशन फ्री” creates a self sealing tyre and decreases drastically the downtime due to puncture.

2) Tyre Coolant: – under inflated tyres can lead to overheating, this can results into blow – outs, ply separation and casing breakdown. Bibhas Tyre Sealanat works as a perfect tyre coolant by distributing heat generated due to thermal and mechanical overload such as long run. It also increases the fatigue of tyre resulting more than 20 % increase in tyre life.

3) Environment friendly: – The fiber, filler, fleck and aqueous solution of PUNCTUREfree “रहो टेंशन फ्री” is Non – toxic, Non – hazardous and biodegradable. The product is water soluble and can be easily washed away from the water. Increased life of tyre results to less emission of CO₂ and CO in atmosphere and also reduces waste.

4) Safety: – Puncture of road going vehicles could be lethal, results in blow – out. The fine particles of PUNCTUREfree “रहो टेंशन फ्री” swiftly seal the punctures of moving vehicles and can save a fatal accident. It also reduces the waiting time for road side assistance or problem of changing punctured tyre in adverse atmospheric condition.

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